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The job of special agent offers qualified men and women a challenging and fulfilling career. The U.S. Secret Service recruits personnel of the highest caliber to carry out its integrated missions of investigation and protection. While the executive protection mission is known worldwide, the U.S. Secret Service’s investigative mission continues to grow due to developments in technology. Special agents investigate violations of laws relating to financial crimes such as credit card and access device fraud, as well as computer-based attacks on the nation’s banking and telecommunications. In the field of protection Secret Service special agents develop and implement innovative strategies to mitigate threats to our nation’s leaders.
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Dedicated. Mission Driven. Committed to Excellence. If these words describe you, we invite you to take a closer look at the job opportunities being offered at the United States Secret Service.  We are looking for talented, diverse individuals from all segments of the American society to serve within the ranks of our administrative, professional and technical (APT) occupations.  Our agency’s APT employees play a critical role in ensuring the overall success of our protective and investigative missions.
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Special officers perform a wide range of security functions and support assignments as part of the protective mission for the Secret Service. Assignments may include maintaining designated protective security posts; inspecting all operational, safety, emergency, and convenience equipment of protective vehicles to ensure peak operating condition; driving protective vehicle or follow-up; controlling the movement of persons into and around multiple Secret Service facilities and associated areas; monitoring and operating various communications equipment and employing various advanced x-ray screening technologies in order to detect and identify high-risk items. Special officers are authorized to make arrests in connection with their official duties.
United States Secret Service United States
The Uniformed Division’s mission is to protect facilities and venues secured for U.S. Secret Service protectees. Throughout its history, the Uniformed Division has accomplished this mission through a tradition of honor, integrity and a commitment to excellence. Today, the Uniformed Division has grown both in size and scope of responsibility and is mandated by law to provide physical security for the White House Complex and the Vice President’s residence at the Naval Observatory. It also provides security for the Treasury Department building and foreign diplomatic missions in Washington, D.C. The U.S. Secret Service is seeking capable men and women who can meet the challenges of this mission and help carry on its proud tradition.