Senior Communications Manager, Compete PR

  • T-Mobile
  • Bellevue, Washington

Job Description

Senior PR leader responsible for T-Mobile's award-winning compete PR program. Job Description T-Mobile is the nation’s Un-carrier and the fastest growing US wireless company, thanks to an unconventional philosophy built on listening to customers and breaking from tired industry norms. For the past five years, we’ve been pounding out a steady drumbeat of industry-rocking Un-carrier moves that are changing US wireless for good. Our unique brand position, willingness to take on hated incumbents and speaking truth to power have been key parts of that. We’re looking for a creative, spunky PR rock star with major fire-in-the-belly to lead our competitive PR program. You aren’t afraid of taking risks and being bold. You’ll drive brand position in the market with clever, attention-grabbing competitive activities (parts clever de-positioning, parts trolling, parts rapid response to breaking competitive news). The Un-carrier takes every opportunity to call out the competition on their BS. Verizon set their earnings on 4/20… one of a long list of questionable decisions with only one possible explanation: they were #VerHIGHzon all along. The “carriers” earnings calls are as dry as the Sahara in July so we livened them up with an Earnings Call Drinking Game. And the list goes on… like calling attention to Verizon’s mid-life crisis and its strong desire to return to its glory days, i.e. paying billions for over-the-hillers like AOL and Yahoo. We’re looking for someone fearless who likes to push the envelope … but always does so with a strategic purpose and message at the core. We’re looking for bold ideas, off the charts creativity and deep storytelling. You’ll know how to develop smart, creative plans and media strategy while dreaming up and selling in attention-grabbing moments. Your work will be in the spotlight daily, and you’ll need to be a collaboration ninja to get it all done – working across the corporate communications, social, marketing and product teams. Essentially, you should be a multi-talented and creative PR badass with a hunger to learn and an unquenchable desire to beat up the competition while doing great, memorable, epically awesome things. If you want to drive high impact, are nimble in your style and like (even thrive) amidst change, then this is the job for you.

STUFF WE'LL TRUST YOU WITH YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES Requires competency in customer focus, change & innovation, strategic thinking, relationship building & influencing, talent management, results focus and inspirational leadership. Lead T-Mobile’s competitive PR efforts – including rapid response and activities designed to call the competition on their BS. Build creative and competitive communication strategies and tactics around industry moments. Leverage the latest hot trend to drive de-positioning and deep storytelling opportunities. Consult on compete angles in product and business decisions. Develop rapid competitive responses to industry news. Own competitive intelligence, provide insights and define positioning.

STUFF YOU TELL PEOPLE AT PARTIES YOUR QUALIFICATIONS 7+ years developing and managing complex communication plans in a corporate comms/PR team, PR/marketing agency or marketing experience agency. Public relations expertise including consumer brands, consumer technology and wireless. Experience in other areas such as web marketing, social media, public relations, corporate communications or reputation management. Results driven, strong organizational skills, history of anticipating issues and the aptitude to be strategic, proactive and assertive. Strong ability to partner across the company and with different teams. Skilled at getting results through others both directly and indirectly. Proficient using MS Office. Bachelor's degree required. Personal Characteristics RequiredCreativity, positive interpersonal and communication skills, critical thinking, upbeat attitude, agility, high integrity, persistence and personal initiative all are required. Thrive in a fast-paced environment that changes and innovates daily (even hourly). Flexibility is key. Self-motivated and possess the ability to work well both independently and among a team. You deliver – if you say you are going to do it, it gets done. *LI-B2B-KW1