Program Development & Implementation Specialist

  • UW Cooperative Extension
  • Madison, WI, USA
Full time

Job Description

Position Purpose:
 This position works to increase Extension educators’ intentionality and effectiveness in being culturally competent in our service with communities. This position will help Extension improve its current efforts to reach and serve diverse communities around the state of Wisconsin. Its primary focus is to help our organization develop and implement programming efforts that are responsive to the needs of community members and to opportunities within communities. The Specialist will provide critical support for colleagues in addressing social, racial, economic, and health disparities. Among other metrics, the success of this position will be defined by how well the Specialist is able to coach Extension educators toward outreach and programming efforts that lead to sustainable and authentic relationships with communities who reside in their respective geographical area.

 This position works within UW-Extension’s Office of Program Support Services, which supports program planning, evaluation, reporting, and serves language access needs across Extension. The office aims to enhance educational programs so that they reach excellence. The Specialist will work closely with Office of Program Support Services (PSS) colleagues who specialize in related topics such as language access and evaluation. They will work mainly with a small team of PSS colleagues towards a core set of common goals, in strong collaboration with colleagues outside of PSS. Key colleagues outside of PSS include the Director of Diversity & Inclusion, program leadership, educators and specialists across the state.

Primary Duties/Essential Job Functions:
Support educators and managers/leaders in understanding the context for programming, including the way such context is shaped by the races, ethnicities, ages, languages, cultures, genders, and abilities and other identities held by community members
Build educators’ and program managers’ capacity to conceptualize the change they are working towards, and to design and implement educational approaches - in partnership with communities
Assist educators, and Evaluation Specialists also housed in Office of Program Support Services, in designing appropriate program evaluation strategies
Create, deliver and evaluate data-driven resources and guidance for colleagues in order to achieve position purpose stated above (as appropriate, utilize existing rather than creating new resources)
Draw on case studies, data and lessons learned from real Extension programs as well as best practices and research 
Explore the use of multi-media that can help educators carry out their approaches to serve diverse audiences
Translate community demographics and other reliable sources of information that help educators develop a more nuanced understanding of populations in their area. For example:
Lead and offer educational workshops across the state, utilizing visual mapping and demography, for Extension educators to increase their understanding of the diversity of communities in their respective geographical area
Integrate and standardize relevant demographics and indicators into educational ‘plans of work’
Evolve current organizational resources and trainings to include needed companion pieces (e.g. relationship building, bias)
Create opportunities for educators to regularly share and exchange strategies and approaches for engaging diverse or unserved/underserved populations
Work towards an integrated and connected approach with other professional development and organizational efforts, for example:
Native American Task Force and Latinx Task Force
Take on special projects (defined with leadership) to ‘walk along with’ educators to model practices & show impact, and use those as teaching examples
Work with Extension’s Institutes to implement approaches to expand access (program managers, team leaders, Institute Directors)
Help programmatic and operational leadership understand what progress is being made to expand access (e.g. showing/analyzing evidence)
Engage other states regionally or nationally to assess emerging strategies and promising practices for developing, implementing and evaluating efforts that use community demographics and complimentary frameworks to help expand access.
To the extent possible, analyze and support/consult on educators’ plans of work
Create annual plan of work, including setting and evaluating against intended outcomes
Utilize a systems approach to ensure that various deliverables work together in a complementary way to achieve goals
Other duties as assigned, in relation to organizational needs
Bachelor’s degree in a field such as sociology, anthropology, African American Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, public health, international/sustainable development, social work, education
Five years of relevant experience in cultural competence work and/or inclusive and equitable outreach program development and delivery
Demonstrated success working with diverse populations – e.g. ability to create relevant work plans that lead to positive change in diverse populations
Knowledge and experience with program development in community based education settings
Ability to work collaboratively to achieve mission
Competent in utilizing and presenting quantitative data (e.g. Census data)
Experience teaching and coaching adult professionals
Post-Baccalaureate degree
More than six years of relevant work experience
Bilingual in Hmong or Spanish
Experience implementing community based education
Demonstrated success in advancing an organization towards cultural competence,  relevance to underrepresented groups, and positive community impact across a diversity of populations.