Registry/Oncall Cardiac Cath X-Ray Tech

  • Sinai Health System
  • Chicago, IL, USA

Job Description


Performs various special procedures using radiological techniques in the cardiac catheterization Lab/Electrophysiology Lab for diagnostic and placement purposes, as directed by the performing Cardiologist/ EP Physician.


Skillfully uses various radiological equipment to perform special procedures including cine radiography, angiography, radiotherapy, and the like consistent with department procedures and professional practice. Prepares patients for examination and assist in the examination Inspects and maintains equipment to assure compliance with state, local, and federal regulations. Positions patient on examining table and adjusts immobilization devices to obtain optimum views of specified area, make exposures, and assists physician during fluoro exam. Operates machinery to produce radiographic images in screen/film and fluoroscopic modes Moves x-ray equipment into specified position and adjusts equipment controls to set exposure factors such as time, distance and shielding. Explains procedures to patient to reduce anxieties and obtain patient cooperation. Practices radiation protection techniques to minimize radiation to self, patient, and staff. Demonstrates knowledge and ability in performing the following procedures:Cerebral and carotid Angiogram, extremity and pelvis Angiogram, femoral run-off, aortic arch, subtraction, injection factors, and catheter usage. Demonstrates knowledge and ability in use of departmental equipment C-arm and radiographic equipment. Demonstrates ability to address proper safety procedure including shielding from radiation, equipment safety, and patient safety. Demonstrates ability to address privacy issues including consent forms and patient procedures being performed. Prepares the catheterization laboratory folder in accordance with department standards, procedures, and guidelines Competently completes and enters pre-procedure patient demographic data in homodynamic computer, Operates homodynamic and physiologic monitoring system (pressure sampling, waveforms, procedure log and equipment utilized. Participates in the On Call Program for emergency cardiac cath lab procedures on rotating basis expected to be within the premises and ready to work within thirty (30) minutes of the initial page. Successfully completes requested cross training and demonstrates an ability to perform in every function in the cath lab area within designated scope of practice. Consistently adheres to the policies and procedures of the department.



An Associates degree from an American Medical Association approved course in radiologic technology. Must be eligible for certification from American Registry of Radiologic Technology.


One to two years of experience as a radiology technician is required. Experience or training in a defined functional area of special procedures is required.


IDNS, ARRT required