Rail Quality Improvement Technician

  • Chicago Transit Authority
  • Chicago, Illinois

Job Description

Rail Quality Improvement Technician - (1900003T)


Monitors the quality of repairs and maintenance work performed on Rail Vehicles at the Authority’s Rail Vehicle Maintenance and Terminal Facilities.



Inspects repair, servicing and maintenance work performed on Authority Rail Equipment. This is done by on site physical inspection, and determines the quality and reliability of workmanship and compliance with predetermined standards. Inspects new and reconstructed rail vehicle components, units and parts from shops and outside workers. This is done by on site physical inspection and is done to ensure compliance with Authority specifications. Instructs and counsels terminal personnel in proper repair procedures and techniques and, if necessary, refers employees to the Maintenance Training Center for additional Training. This is done by one on one, on the job instruction to ensure that the repairer or servicer understands his or her job function. Compiles and evaluates data pertaining to inspection activities and prepares reports which convey inspection findings and recommendations. After all physical inspections the results are compiled and given to management personnel so they have a record of Quality Improvements findings. Assists in the development of Quality Improvement Programs and in the evaluation of existing repair procedures and techniques. By actually performing the repair procedures they are more effectively evaluated. Assists in determining causative factors contributing to equipment or component failure and notifies appropriate Technical Services or shop personnel or outside contractor or vendor. This is done by physical inspection of failed components or parts and is done to ensure that either procedures or specifications are followed. Responds to the scene of all rail incidents, accidents and unusual occurrences. Investigates and resolves technical problems related to the situation. Develops corrective action to prevent recurrence and monitors implementation. When Emergency Fleet Retrofits are needed, will assist with the investigation to find the cause of the part failure. Performs related duties as assigned. CHALLENGES Must be able to read and interpret wiring diagrams, technical drawings, and instructions Will be working in Rail Vehicle Maintenance Facilities and must have a knowledge of the types of work, work methods, procedures and duties performed by terminal Rail Vehicle Maintenance personnel, e.g., repairers, servicers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, etc Will be giving on the job training to employees and must be familiar with Authority training programs for terminal and shop employees. Will be working in all shops, terminals, yards and on the right of way. Must be familiar with all shop and terminal locations, and must have knowledge of Authority and departmental safety rules and regulations dealing with these areas. Will be obtaining current and historical car data from terminals and must be familiar with CTA MMIS systems.


Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, or a combination of education and experience relating to this position, or equivalent military experience. Five (5) years of experience in rail vehicle maintenance and repair work. Required to submit to and pass drug and alcohol testing mandated by the Federal Transit Administration. Must obtain Rail Safety Training certification. Valid Illinois driver’s license and be authorized to use personal vehicle for CTA business.


Must be able to negotiate stairs and normal obstacles in a Rail Vehicle Maintenance Facility Must be able to negotiate walking on the right of way when responding to Rail Vehicle emergencies.


Must be able to read and interpret wiring diagrams, technical drawings, and instructions Must write and express oneself in a clear, logical and concise manner Works with all levels of Authority personnel and outside contractors, and must have suitable temperament and disposition to maintain amiable relations with these people. WORKING CONDITIONS Exposed to all types of weather and Right of Way conditions. Exposed to the usual Rail Shop and terminal hazards and conditions May be required to travel to manufacturing and assembly plants to assist with new vehicle inspections and off site contract vehicle rehabs. Required to carry a pager. Required to work various hours and days, on 24-hour call. Travels to various vendor and CTA’s field locations. Required use of personal auto and required to be able to list CTA as co-insured for company mileage. EQUIPMENT, TOOLS, AND MATERIALS UTILIZED Must be familiar with desktop and lap top computers. Must be familiar with Rail Vehicle Computerized Diagnostic Equipment such as Portable Test Unit (PTU) and associated software. Must be familiar with electrical and mechanical test equipment used in Rail Vehicle Maintenance Facilities, such as multimeters and RT gauges Must be competent in the use of hand and power tools to affect Rail Vehicle repairs.