Code Enforcement Inspector

  • City of Covington
  • 20 West Pike Street, Covington, KY, USA
Full time Government

Job Description

Enforcement of existing housing, building, and property maintenance codes, as well as rental dwelling and shelter licenses.  Inspection of existing buildings and structures to determine compliance with adopted codes and approved plans: determine deficiencies relative to housing/building codes and preparation of concise, narrative reports and give testimony at appeals hearings and court actions, re-inspect buildings and structures to determine compliance and correction of deficiencies.  Administration of the City’s rental dwelling inspection program.  Monitoring of vacant properties, ensuring they are secure from trespass, and monitoring the City’s Abandoned Urban Property program.  12-month probationary period.  Candidates must possess the ICC International Property Maintenance Certification or attain the certification within 6 months of employment. 
  • Performs entry-level inspection work.
  • Inspects property to determine conformance to applicable property maintenance and development code standards.
  • Interfaces directly with residents and property owners on a daily basis.
  • Issues Citations and Notices to offenders.
  • Obtains administrative warrants to enter properties.
  • Assists in ensuring databases are current and accurate, including, but not limited to Rental License, Shelter License, Monitored, Vacant, Abandoned Urban Property, and City Maintained lists.
  • Provides testimony in court and at Code Enforcement Board hearings.
  • Communicates with staff, residents, neighborhood groups, Covington Fire Department, Covington Police Department, and other City groups on the status of properties.
  • Works with the Department of Public Works for property maintenance.
  • Works with several computer programs - Excel, Word, and Code Enforcement specific software.
  • Documents inspections with concise notes and photographs that may serve as evidence in administrative hearings or court proceedings.
  • Works with smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras.
  • Spends the majority of the workday in the field, in all kinds of weather.
  • Operates city vehicles safely, obeying all traffic rules and regulations, including specific safety rules that apply to City of Covington and Code Enforcement Division employees.
  • Required to wear designated uniform as proscribed.
  • Performs related work assigned.