• Ability Housing, Inc
  • Jacksonville
Full time Executive Finance Nonprofit Operations

Job Description

Position Summary
Ability Housing’s vision is a society where housing is a right, not a privilege; and all individuals have safe, affordable housing in vibrant communities.  Our mission is to build strong communities where everyone has a home.  To achieve these, we develop and operate quality rental housing affordable to persons with extremely limited incomes; administer rental assistance to help chronically homeless households access market housing; and partner with service organizations to ensure our residents have the supports they require to maintain their housing and increase self-reliance.
Reporting to the President, the Finance & Operations Director provides mission-focused, seasoned, strategic, and process minded leadership; scales the organization to prepare it for opportunity and growth; and enhances the performance culture amongst a group of diverse, talented individuals. The Director helps others deliver measurable, cost-effective results that make vision a reality; tapping into the power that each member of the team brings to our mission. The Director creates efficient and effective systems to increase the productivity of the organization while enabling the team to retain the special drive that enables Ability Housing’s success.
Essential Responsibilities
The Finance & Operations Director will use their experience and abilities to implement the agency’s Strategic Plan.  This will include a thorough assessment of the agency’s current state to ensure all growth is built upon a solid foundation. The Director will also be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the organization; enhancing internal operations and improving processes and infrastructure to enable Ability Housing’s continued growth and mission fulfillment.
The Finance & Operations Director is a member of Ability Housing’s Senior Leadership Team. As such, the Director is responsible to play a full and collegiate role in the leadership and management of the organization.

The Finance & Operations Director will be responsible to:
  • Work with the Leadership Team to implement the agency’s Strategic Plan; refine processes to monitor and report progress toward strategic goals.
  • Enhance accountability throughout the agency’s operations and departments.
  • Cultivate the values of Ability Housing within the organization.
  • Provide oversight and leadership of internal operations.
    • Management of daily operations; identify trends, anticipate needs and proactively develop strategies to address those needs.
    • Provide all staff with a strong day-to-day leadership presence; bridge regional operations and support an open-door policy throughout the agency.
  • Provide effective strategic oversight of Finance, Asset Management, and Human Resource functions.
    • Finance – provide strategic financial management for all aspects of the organization.
    • Asset management – ensure properties fulfill agency mission and objectives and maintain value and quality.
    • Human resources – demonstrate value of organization’s greatest asset – its team of dedicated professionals.
Perform other duties, as assigned; some travel may be required