21-22 - Security Assistant Pool

  • Madison Metropolitan School District
  • Madison, WI

Job Description

21-22 - Security Assistant Pool

District Wide

18.38 - 18.38

Why You Should Work with MMSD!

The Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) is committed to being anti-racist, culturally responsive, and inclusive. We are seeking highly motivated and energetic applicants for openings for the 2021-22 school year The Madison Metropolitan School District actively seeks and encourages women and candidates of color to apply. 

Becoming a Model School District

We have a simple but bold vision — to ensure that every school is a thriving school, that prepares every student to graduate from high school ready for college, career and community. 
To achieve this vision, we seek talent at all levels, in all positions, who are committed to being anti-racist, culturally responsive, and inclusive. We welcome applicants who will actively contribute to our ongoing commitment to making MMSD a thriving, welcoming environment for all students, families and staff. 

We firmly believe and are here to create a work environment that is challenging and rewarding, while supporting employees in their career path. We strive to provide, encourage, grow and develop a talented workforce that better supports and represents the diversity of our student population. 

Essential Duties

School Security Assistants (SSA's) are assigned to Madison middle and high schools and work in support of the school principal to provide a safe environment for students and staff. SSA's receive extensive training in Conflict Resolution Skills, Response to Emergency Situations, First Aid/CPR and on legal matters as they pertain to the enforcement of the Student Code of Conduct. School Security Assistants work closely with members of the Madison Police Department and other agencies and emergency responders.

  • Assists in the maintenance of order, including the utilization of crisis intervention techniques to control situations.
  • Assists in conducting investigations and cooperates with law enforcement personnel when necessary.
  • Reports and documents incidents as directed by school Principals and the Security
  • Coordinator in and around the school building and grounds.
  • Renders First Aid as needed.
  • Intervenes in altercations between students, staff or the public, as needed, to maintain safety and security.
  • Participates in emergencies such as fire, evacuation, lockdown and tornado drills.
  • Testifies at hearings, as needed.
  • Provides guidance to students regarding support services that are available.
  • Establishes and maintains contact records, documentation of observations and a daily log of activities.
  • Provides supervision at school sponsored bus trips, athletic events, as needed.
  • Assists in controlling and identifying loiterers, trespassers and other unauthorized people.
  • Produces reports regarding school incidents as directed.
  • Assists in the enforcement of the MMSD Conduct and Discipline Code and other school regulations.
  • Coordinates efforts with the Madison Police Department Officers, Educational Resource Officers and Detective Liaison and those assigned to perform hallway supervision.
  • Compiles and summarizes monthly and year to date reports.
  • Patrols parking lots, school grounds, hallways, stairwells, doorways, rooms, storage areas and offsite locations as directed.
  • Becomes knowledgeable on the proper functioning of all security equipment and assists the Principals and the Security Coordinator as directed with the use of the equipment.
  • Performs other duties as assigned related to a safe school environment.
  • Other related duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Licensing and KSA requirements, Competencies 

  • Ability to work in a diverse work environment. Work requires walking, running, lifting, climbing, bending, reaching and kneeling.
  • Ability to work effectively with students, staff and the community.
  • Ability to effectively quell physical and verbal altercations between students, staff or the public.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Must be highly competent and committed to student success and safety.
  • Must be able to work well under stress and to react appropriately in emergency situations.
  • Experience working cross-culturally and/or commitment to work toward improving one's own cultural competence, i.e., valuing difference/diversity, recognizing personal limitations in one's skills and expertise, and having the desire to learn in these areas.
  • Must be able to successfully pass a pre-employment physical.
  • Must be able to successfully pass a comprehensive background check.
  • Must be able to write accurate and complete reports.
  • Possess a valid Wisconsin driver's license and the availability of properly insured vehicle.
  • Training and experience related to crisis intervention and emergency medical procedures.
  • CPR/AED certification required.
  • Experience working with middle and high school age youth.

  • Prior security experience.

Knowledge of the juvenile justice system.

Next Steps

After you've submitted your application for this position:

  • You will be invited to complete a video interview.   In order to be considered for this vacancy, your video interview must be completed by the end of the day Thursday (during the week the job closes). For example, if you do not apply until Wednesday (the day the job closes) you have just one day to complete and submit the video interview. 
  • You will also be invited to complete fluency testing, both a written and verbal assessment, if you have not yet completed one.
  • All internal applicants who meet minimum requirements and have a completed first-round video interview on file will be forwarded to the principal who will be scheduling in-person interviews for this position. That principal/school will reach out to you if they would like to move you forward to an in-person interview at their school.